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Dinosaurs and other scary dragons

Mechanical function in the skull of Allosaurus; image by Emily Rayfield.

Engineering a dinosaur (Rosalind Franklin Lecture 2019), by Emily Rayfield.

Why do dinosaurs have different shaped skulls? by Emily Rayfield

Testing hypotheses of heterochrony in the skull evolution of strisoran birds, Palaeocast, by PhD student Guillermo Navalón, Jen Bright, Emily Rayfield and others.

Dinosaurs Rediscovered (Lyme Regis Fossil Fair, 2020), by Mike Benton

Meet the Bristol Dinosaur, by Bristol undergraduate Han Kemp and colleagues.

The story of the Bristol dinosaur Thecodontosaurus, by Mike Benton.

Palaeontological accuracy in the 2022 Jurassic World, by Klayton Fioriti and Bristol MSc student James Ronan

Pterosaur wing bone geometry, by Liz Martin-Silverstone

Putting flesh on ancient bone (Linnean Society), by David Button.

Palaeocast episode 85, Ichthyosaurs, by Ben Moon and Fiann Smithwick.

Dinosaur feathers and colour

Countershading in Psittacosaurus: artwork by Bob Nicholls.

A guide to palaeocolour, by Jakob Vinther.

The discovery of feather colour in dinosaurs, by Jakob Vinther, from 2010.

The discovery of feather colour in dinosaurs, by Mike Benton and Stuart Kearns, from 2010.

Colours in fossil feathers and Psittacosaurus colours, in NHM film, by Jakob Vinther.

Dinosaur feathers and colours, Mike Benton in BBC Earth film with Alice Roberts.

The discovery of countershading in Psittacosaurus, by Jakob Vinther.

Countershading in Psittacosaurus, by Jakob Vinther and Dave Marshall – Palaeocast

The bandit-faced Sinosauropteryx, by PhD student Fiann Smithwick.

Past and present records of climate change

Strategies in times of crisis –lessons from past marine ecosystems (GSL and Linnean Society), by Daniela Schmidt.

The future of coralline algae (Linnean Society), by Leanne Melbourne.

Earth history and mass extinction

Mass extinctions and the future of life on Earth (TED talk, 2017), by Mike Benton.

Mass extinction and future extinction (EMBL, 2020), by Mike Benton.

The Carnian Pluvial Event (Skeptics in the Hub, 2020), by Mike Benton.

Recovery from the greatest mass extinction of all time by Mike Benton (Napoli, 2016).

The Cambrian Explosion, by Elvira Piqueras Ricote & Santiago Piqueras Ricote.

Gentle giants of the Cambrian, Nature video about Jakob Vinther’s work on anomalocarids.

Tracing the origin of animal life, by John Cunningham.

Viruses and microbes in carbonate sedimentology, by Maurice Tucker.

Macroevolution and phylogeny

Using evolutionary models to assess the accuracy of phylogenies – Palaeocast, by By Mark Puttick, Joseph O’Reilly, Davide Pisani and Phil Donoghue.


Palaeocast: Crocodylomorph disparity by Tom Stubbs (2021).

Linnean Society: Climate change threatens beds (coralline algae) of biodiversity, by Leanne Melbourne.

In Our Time (BBC Radio 4): The Late Devonian extinction, with Mike Benton, Jessica Whiteside and David Bond (2021).

In Our Time (BBC Radio 4): The evolution of horses (and here), Christine Janis, Alan Outram and John Hutchinson (2020).

In Our Time (BBC Radio 4): Evolution of teeth, with Gareth Fraser, Zerina Johanson, and Philip Donoghue (2019).

In Our Time (BBC Radio 4): Feathered dinosaurs (and here), with Mike Benton, Maria McNamara and Steve Brusatte (2017).

In Our Time (BBC Radio 4): Permian-Triassic boundary, with Mike Benton, Jane Francis and Richard Corfield (2007).

In Our Time (BBC Radio 4): The KT boundary, with Simon Kelley, Jane Francis and Mike Benton (2005).


Emily Rayfield and her story (Rebels, Scholars, Explorers. Women in Vertebrate Paleontology), by Emily Rayfield, interviewed by Annalisa Berta.

Leanne Melbourne and her story, Irish Association for Women in Geosciences.

Christine Janis and her story, Palaeocast podcast (2022).

Meet an Earth scientist (Geological Society of London), by Leanne Melbourne.

Mike Benton talks about science, and his work (Royal Society, 2013).

Study Palaeobiology at Bristol

The 2018 recruitment video for the MSc in Palaeobiology.